Adriana Ahciarliu

Owner @ Diplomat Consult (part of INVIGORS EMEA)
Mentor Disponibil in editia 3 (iunie '17 - iunie '18) = DA

With a diplomatic background, Adriana Ahciarliu has an experience of 10 years in banking & financing marketing and communication. After 4 years experience in multilateral diplomacy, she has been appointed director of Communication of National Bank of Romania (N.B.R.) in 1996 than senior policy advisor to the Governor of NBR on E.U. monetary policy. Starting 1999 she joined the commercial banking system as PR & Communication director at B.T.R. In 2001 she joined Groupe Societe Generale in Romania as Marketing and Communication Director at BRD Sogelease Groupe Societe Generale till June 2004 when she was appointed as Secretary General of Banking Leasing Association by the founder members. Adriana Ahciarliu has a master degree in foreign affairs and has graduated courses on foreign affairs under auspices of Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Germany as well as International Monetary Fund – Washington D.C. She has also graduated course on common EU defense and security policy at Institute des Hautes Etudes de Defense (IHEDN) in France. Adriana Ahciarliu is founder member of Romanian Auditors of IHEDN Association as well as Eurodefence Association in Romania.