Gabriel Lupu

Eastern Europe Regional Key Accounts COO @ ISS
Ensure that all aspects of Eastern Europe ISS’s Key Accounts operations align with the values, strategic vision, and short- as well as long-term performance goals, as defined in the company’s Strategic Plan and annual Business Plan. Collaborate with the CEO and CFO, the Board, and senior managers in updating and implementing the company’s Strategic Plan and develop a company-wide Operations Plan to support the Strategic Plan. Oversee and manage regional operational performance, conduct regional performance reviews, and integrate practice considerations into regional operational activities and strategies. Hold Countries Key Accounts COOs, Subject Matters Experts and Strategic Development Managers accountable for the successful implementation of their business plans. Assess and address (manage, avoid, transfer, etc.) the various risks associated with running a professional environmental operations. Foster professional development throughout the company to build skills, increase employee engagement, and encourage effective performance. Oversee the development and implementation of company-wide professional development programs, including project management, supervisor, and leadership training. Maintain market awareness, ensuring that ISS systems, staff, and services provide what clients need, when they need it. Oversee and assist in identifying, developing, and supporting the technical capability that clients demand through targeted staff training programs, key hires, and the application of emerging technology. Lead the pursuit of continuous improvement in services quality and client satisfaction.