Ozana Giușcă

CEO & Founder @Tooliers
I believe small businesses are going to change the world. Which is why I empower small business owners to unleash the full power of the business they love. I do this by providing solutions to unblock and grow their businesses. If you are the kind of person who wants to have total control of every aspect of your business (without controlling everything!!), if you are fed up with paying experts who still don’t solve your business problems, if you are committed now to investing to transform and grow your business, so you achieve YOUR dreams, then PM me as I'd like to help you. I am consultant, coach, mentor, trainer, speaker, author, entrepreneur and small business growth specialist. I am also a mum, a loving partner, a world traveler and a LIFE LOVER :) I have been close to bankruptcy twice. I have been through a divorce. I had to downsize my consulting team when the crisis hit my business in 2008. In my late thirties, my father fed me for more than a year, as I had no income whatsoever. I got my house repossessed, and MOVED ON... I sold loads: from clothes, shoes, cosmetics and biscuits to skiing equipment and even used cars. Later on, professional consulting services: fund raising, M&A advisory, developing business plans and growth strategies for other small businesses... Until I discovered my purpose, which opened up a whole new chapter in my life, with more struggle and more successes :) I am an action person, I talk from my experiences and bring a new perspective into your business, which challenges you, and is way more rewarding than what you've been doing so far. Are you up for it? Then visit my website www.ozanagiusca.com Ah, yes, I also wrote Shortcut to Business Success, 101 Zero-Cost Tactics to Take Your Company to the Next Level. Download the first chapter here - 15 Zero-Costs Tactics to Attract More Customers www.shortcuttobusinesssuccess.com/ VEZI INTERVIU CU MENTORUL AICI SI AICI And my latest baby is www.tooliers.com - marketplace with business growth tools for small businesses TOOLIERS Imagine you are lost in a dark forest. What do you do? You probably think of survival and forget about your destination… Most businesses operate as if lost in a dark forest and they never reach destination. 96% of businesses do not survive more than 5 years. As a business owner, do you want to grow your business but don't know how and where to start? Tooliers is your guide to achieve your goals in the fastest way possible. Tooliers is your GPS for Business Success. We help small businesses achieve their most daring objectives, by providing a Diagnosis and a tailored, step-by-step Action Plan that contains simple and quick actions, to bring your company to the next level. Tooliers serves smart and ambitious entrepreneurs committed to growing their businesses, who have neither time nor money to invest in growth. Companies from independent restaurants to law firms have achieved on average 65% sales GAINS within a year of enrolling our program. With Tooliers, you have access to the same knowledge that Fortune 500 companies use, in a structured and organized manner. When you enroll in our Growth Program, you have periodical sessions with one of our Business Growth Consultants, and you are given tailored step-by-step actions that require on average 15 min each, to work on growing your business. These actions do not cost anything to do. You only need to be committed to invest regularly 15 min in growing your business. Do as much as you want. Progress as fast as you want. We support you achieve the success you deserve, and grow your business to the highest level possible. Visit www.tooliers.com to grow your business and achieve the success you deserve!